Constant Improvement + Unique Planning

In a recent article by FAST COMPANY, Drake Baer does an interview with legendary VC Ben Horowitz. We love the quote:

"In my life I strive for improvement.

Be your own guide, follow your own movement."

By Rapper Heavy D.

Good stuff.

Constant improvement is hard. Especially when you have to consistently focus on growing. It's very easy to become complacent and just "coast."

Here at Pull Plan, we've been improving too. Recently, we've had a number of customers who have requested that we offer consulting services as part of our overall solution.

Hello opportunity.

So we discussed it as a group and the outcome is that we feel we can better deliver results to customers by offering these services. It's going to take some additional work, but what kind of Lean company would we be if we are being shown how to improve by our customers and we don't?

That said, we are now pleased to offer consulting services along with our application. Check out the new Consulting Page and let us know if you need some insight on Lean, pull planning, better scheduling or project support.

We're ready to help.

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