Manual vs. Digital Pull Planning?

So we get asked quite a bit here at Pull Plan, "Hey guys, we really like your application, but we don't want to give up our manual Pull Planning sessions." So here's the good news.

With Pull Plan you don't have to!

Our system can work in parallel with manual Pull Plan sessions. No problemo.

In typical pull planning sessions, users create tasks and make commitements on their "stickies" on butcher paper. Items and durations are discussed, material and delivery schedules are debated and the feedback loop is all right there in the room. The problem is...WHAT NEXT?

What do we do with all of this great information we just captured?? For many the answer is trying to jam it into an enterprise CPM scheduling tool like Primavera or Microsoft Project. Others try to capture it in Excel and then use that as the intermediary tool between their CPM and the stickies on the wall.

The irony is that these methods create redundancy and waste!

Pull Plan eliminates the need for redundant inputs. Just simply mirror what is on your paper and Pull Plan does the rest.

- Export to Primavera or Microsoft Project - no sweat

- Update task durations and move stickies - easy

- Establish performance metrics and stakeholder success rates - done

- Automatically capture work completed int he field - you got it

With Pull Plan, your tool is mobile, cloud based and able to capture schedule information as it happens in real time.

Send us an email to see what we're talking about at . We'd love to show you a better way of using Lean planning in yoru next project.

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